Alessandro Cozzolino

Life Coach

If my resume could talk, it would be talking like a radio!

After becoming an Interpreter and Translator in English, Spanish and Italian, and a Master in Tourism Management, just like many others, I did several jobs, none of which I truly felt “mine”. Until I met Coaching.

It was illuminating to investigate my inner self. I ended up looking for and finding a job that could be “for me” as well as “for the others”. I was fascinated and felt so enriched by the mutual human exchange this profession provides, that I decided to help other people become who they can and want to be.

I have been practicing sports on a regular basis since I was a kid so I am perfectly aware of the meaning of an effective training program and how hard it can be to reach a goal, both in sports and in life.

My sense of humor, self-irony and irony are the air in my lungs and without these distinctive features of mine, I would not be Alessandro.

As a coach, I like the idea of feeling and being useful to those who turn to me because I know that - in a few coaching sessions - together we can actually achieve any goal and overcome any possible obstacle with a smile on our faces, no matter what.

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